BabelStone Marchen Test Page

This is a test page for the Unicode Marchen script, rendered using the BabelStone Marchen font at 36 points. Marchen is a complex script, and at present is not widely supported. The text below should render correctly in the Firefox v. 52 or later.

Unicode Marchen Text

π‘²Šπ‘²’π‘²© π‘²Šπ‘²”π‘²© π‘²Šπ‘²‘π‘²©π‘±± 𑲍𑲒𑲩 𑲍𑲔𑲩 π‘²π‘²žπ‘²© 𑲍𑲠𑲩 𑲍𑲑𑲩𑱱 𑲍𑲒π‘²ͺ 𑲍𑲔π‘²ͺ 𑲍𑲝π‘²ͺ π‘²π‘²žπ‘²ͺ 𑲍𑲠π‘²ͺ 𑲍𑲑π‘²ͺπ‘±± 𑲋𑲳𑱴𑲍𑱱

𑲀𑱢𑲱𑱡𑲍 𑲀𑲍𑲔π‘²ͺ𑲱𑱴𑲍 𑲏 𑲏𑲰𑲴𑲢 π‘²Žπ‘²°π‘²²π‘²΅ π‘²Šπ‘²΅ 𑲄𑱱 𑱴𑲉𑲲𑱡 π‘±Όπ‘²ͺ𑲲𑱡 𑲁𑱴𑲲𑲋

π‘²€π‘±²π‘²ͺ π‘²Œπ‘²±π‘² π‘²€π‘±Όπ‘²³ 𑲋𑲳𑱴𑲍 π‘±Ώπ‘²²π‘±½ 𑲍𑲲𑲁 𑲃𑲴𑱴𑲍 π‘±Ύπ‘²Š π‘²Œπ‘²΄π‘±΄ π‘±±

The image below shows what the above text looks like when rendered correctly.

See the 6th image here for the original woodblock source.