BabelStone Han PUA Version 1.009


This page lists the PUA characters in BabelStone Han PUA version 1.009 that were removed in version 1.010 because they were added to CJK Unified Ideographs Extension E in Unicode version 8.0. The table below gives the mapping from PUA code point in BabelStone Han PUA version 1.009 to the code point in CJK Ext. E. All these characters are available in BabelStone Han version 8.0 and later at the new codepoints. An archive of BabelStone Han PUA version 1.009 is available for download here if required.

Old PUA Codepoint New Codepoint Character
U+F004 U+2BA51 𫩑
U+F005 U+2BA4F 𫩏
U+F014 U+2BE6F 𫹯
U+F019 U+2BBDC 𫯜
U+F024 U+2BDC0 𫷀
U+F033 U+2BCB7 𫲷
U+F040 U+2C0AD 𬂭
U+F07D U+2C4E0 𬓠
U+F07F U+2B209 𫈉
U+F086 U+52AF
U+F091 U+2B4F1 𫓱
U+F09E U+2C728 𬜨
U+F0A9 U+2A8C8 𪣈
U+F0AA U+2B35A 𫍚
U+F0AD U+2BC06 𫰆
U+F0B7 U+2BE75 𫹵
U+F0C1 U+2C05F 𬁟
U+F0C4 U+2BDAC 𫶬
U+F0C6 U+2AAC6 𪫆
U+F0C8 U+2B9C7 𫧇
U+F0E8 U+2B823 𫠣
U+F117 U+27E89 𧺉
U+F12E U+2CE9E 𬺞
U+F134 U+2C3BF 𬎿
U+F13A U+2C94E 𬥎
U+F13C U+2CBA6 𬮦
U+F147 U+2CBA2 𬮢
U+F168 U+2BCC5 𫳅
U+F172 U+2A92F 𪤯
U+F202 U+9FD1
U+F208 U+9FD3
U+F209 U+9FD2
U+F216 U+2C8FD 𬣽
U+F218 U+9FD5
U+F21A U+2CB3B 𬬻
U+F21B U+2CB4A 𬭊
U+F21C U+2CB73 𬭳
U+F21D U+2CB5B 𬭛
U+F21E U+2CB76 𬭶
U+F220 U+2CB2D 𬬭
U+F221 U+9FD4
U+F222 U+2BA81 𫪁
U+F223 U+2BA98 𫪘
U+F224 U+2BAFE 𫫾
U+F225 U+2BB7C 𫭼
U+F226 U+2C0D8 𬃘
U+F227 U+2C591 𬖑
U+F228 U+2C714 𬜔
U+F229 U+2C7C1 𬟁
U+F22A U+2C847 𬡇
U+F22B U+2CCA6 𬲦
U+F22C U+2CCCD 𬳍
U+F22D U+2CDA7 𬶧
U+F22E U+2CE29 𬸩
U+F22F U+2CE08 𬸈
U+F23A U+2CB1A 𬬚
U+F241 U+2C547 𬕇
U+F251 U+2C52B 𬔫
U+F252 U+2BAA3 𫪣
U+F258 U+2C52E 𬔮
U+F275 U+2C745 𬝅
U+F285 U+2BB3B 𫬻
U+F2D5 U+2B86F 𫡯
U+F2D7 U+2B8F6 𫣶
U+F2DF U+2BF5E 𫽞
U+F2E4 U+2CCB1 𬲱
U+F2E7 U+2C4D1 𬓑
U+F2F9 U+2CE5D 𬹝
U+F300 U+2B826 𫠦
U+F301 U+2B892 𫢒
U+F304 U+2B9EF 𫧯
U+F305 U+2BAE6 𫫦
U+F306 U+2BB62 𫭢
U+F307 U+2BB83 𫮃
U+F308 U+2BC02 𫰂
U+F309 U+2BD52 𫵒
U+F30A U+2BD58 𫵘
U+F30B U+2BD87 𫶇
U+F30E U+2BF1D 𫼝
U+F310 U+2C02A 𬀪
U+F311 U+2C029 𬀩
U+F312 U+2C060 𬁠
U+F315 U+2C129 𬄩
U+F316 U+2C1F9 𬇹
U+F317 U+2C1D8 𬇘
U+F319 U+2C1D5 𬇕
U+F31A U+2C227 𬈧
U+F31C U+2C35B 𬍛
U+F31D U+2C359 𬍙
U+F31E U+2C364 𬍤
U+F320 U+2C457 𬑗
U+F322 U+2C4FC 𬓼
U+F323 U+2C542 𬕂
U+F325 U+2C613 𬘓
U+F326 U+2C61C 𬘜
U+F328 U+2C61D 𬘝
U+F32A U+2C622 𬘢
U+F32B U+2C621 𬘡
U+F32C U+2C616 𬘖
U+F32D U+2C62D 𬘭
U+F32E U+2C62C 𬘬
U+F334 U+2C635 𬘵
U+F336 U+2C642 𬙂
U+F337 U+2C646 𬙆
U+F338 U+2C64A 𬙊
U+F33B U+2C79F 𬞟
U+F33F U+2C7FD 𬟽
U+F343 U+2C88A 𬢊
U+F344 U+2C8D9 𬣙
U+F346 U+2C8DE 𬣞
U+F347 U+2C8E1 𬣡
U+F349 U+2C910 𬤐
U+F34A U+2C925 𬤥
U+F34B U+2C8C0 𬣀
U+F34D U+2C930 𬤰
U+F352 U+2C9C0 𬧀
U+F356 U+2CA0E 𬨎
U+F359 U+2CA7D 𬩽
U+F35B U+2CAA9 𬪩
U+F35D U+2CB32 𬬲
U+F35E U+2CB2B 𬬫
U+F360 U+2CB3A 𬬺
U+F361 U+2CB38 𬬸
U+F362 U+2CB41 𬭁
U+F365 U+2CB2E 𬬮
U+F366 U+2CB5A 𬭚
U+F368 U+2CB63 𬭣
U+F369 U+2CB72 𬭲
U+F36B U+2CB6F 𬭯
U+F36C U+2CB74 𬭴
U+F36F U+2CBA4 𬮤
U+F370 U+2CBB1 𬮱
U+F371 U+2CBC5 𬯅
U+F372 U+2CBBF 𬮿
U+F373 U+2CBCE 𬯎
U+F376 U+2CC56 𬱖
U+F378 U+2CC5F 𬱟
U+F379 U+2CC66 𬱦
U+F37D U+2CCF3 𬳳
U+F380 U+2CCF6 𬳶
U+F382 U+2CCFD 𬳽
U+F383 U+2CD02 𬴂
U+F384 U+2CD03 𬴃
U+F387 U+2CD10 𬴐
U+F389 U+2CD8B 𬶋
U+F38A U+2CD8F 𬶏
U+F38B U+2CD90 𬶐
U+F390 U+2CD9F 𬶟
U+F392 U+2CDAD 𬶭
U+F393 U+2CDAE 𬶮
U+F399 U+2CE05 𬸅
U+F39B U+2CDD5 𬷕
U+F39E U+2CE23 𬸣
U+F3A0 U+2C1AE 𬆮
U+F3A2 U+2CE26 𬸦
U+F3A3 U+2CE2A 𬸪
U+F3A4 U+2CE1A 𬸚
U+F3A5 U+2CE31 𬸱
U+F3A7 U+2CE7C 𬹼
U+F3A9 U+2CE88 𬺈
U+F3AA U+2CE93 𬺓
U+F3AB U+2C4EB 𬓫
U+F3AC U+2BE29 𫸩
U+F3BA U+2CB30 𬬰
U+F3BB U+2C089 𬂉
U+F3C9 U+2B4B7 𫒷
U+F3E7 U+2C329 𬌩
U+F3E8 U+2B820 𫠠
U+F3E9 U+2B821 𫠡
U+F3EA U+2B822 𫠢
U+F3EB U+2B824 𫠤
U+F3EC U+2B825 𫠥
U+F3ED U+2B827 𫠧
U+F3EE U+2B843 𫡃
U+F3EF U+2B852 𫡒
U+F3F0 U+2BA74 𫩴
U+F3F1 U+2C3DF 𬏟
U+F3F2 U+2C386 𬎆
U+F3F3 U+2B899 𫢙
U+F3F4 U+2BB5F 𫭟
U+F3F5 U+2C0EB 𬃫
U+F3F6 U+2C1EC 𬇬
U+F3F7 U+2C28D 𬊍
U+F3F8 U+2C3E4 𬏤
U+F3F9 U+2C727 𬜧
U+F3FA U+2C76F 𬝯
U+F3FB U+2C7FE 𬟾
U+F3FC U+2C821 𬠡
U+F3FD U+2CB69 𬭩
U+F3FE U+2CB7C 𬭼

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