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Thursday, 1 October 2009

BabelMap Version

Coinciding with the release of Unicode 5.2 today (code charts), I am releasing a new version of BabelMap that supports Unicode 5.2 (download BabelMap now).

Unicode 5.2 adds 6,648 new characters and 15 new scripts (Table of Unicode scripts), including 1,071 basic Egyptian Hieroglyphs and 4,149 additional Han "ideographs" (taking the total number of "CJK Unified Ideographs" to 74,394, with another 220+ coming in the next version of Unicode). Unfortunately you will not be able to actually see any of the new characters until the appropriate Unicode fonts are designed and released (and in many cases, not even then if you are using Windows 7). I am maintaining a list of free fonts with Unicode 5.2 coverage at the bottom of my What's new in Unicode 5.2 ? post.

Creative Commons License
All screenshots of BabelMap on this page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA-3.0) by Andrew West.

The new version of BabelMap has a number of bug fixes and several new features :

Creative Commons License

Note: Under Windows 7 none of the new Unicode 5.2 characters in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane (Avestan, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Imperial Aramaic, Inscriptional Pahlavi, Inscriptional Parthian, Kaithi, Old South Arabian, Old Turkic, Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement, Enclosed Ideographic Supplement and Rumi Numeral Symbols) display correctly in Notepad and most other Windows applications (they are all rendered as two .notdef glyphs). However, they do display correctly in Word 2007, and will also display correctly in the BabelMap character grid, but not in the BabelMap edit buffer. This is an issue with the version of Uniscribe that ships with Windows 7, which appears to support Unicode 5.1, but is not forwardly compatible with Unicode 5.2.

Unfortunately I have not yet had the time to get round to fixing the number one feature request for BabelMap—an up-to-date Help System—but I am hoping to work on it soon, and will be able to release the new help file by the end of the year.

The new version of BabelPad supporting Unicode 5.2 is currently undergoing testing and bug fixing, and unless I get distracted by something else (which seems highly probable), it should be ready by the end of November (I haven't been distracted too much by other things, but unfortunately I have had to delay the release of BabelPad because of problems with displaying Unicode variation sequences using the version of Uniscribe that ships with Windows 7 [2009-11-27]). Anyway, when it is released I will announce it here.

BabelMap Version [2009-10-31]

This update incorporates the following additional features and bug fixes :

Creative Commons License

The Font Coverage utility lets you determine which fonts on your system cover a particular character or all the characters in a given piece of text

BabelMap Version [2009-11-30]

This update incorporates the following additional features and bug fixes :

Creative Commons License

The Unicode Variation Sequences for U+2269 GREATER-THAN BUT NOT EQUAL TO in the Windows 7 Cambria Math font

BabelMap Version [2009-12-23]

This update fixes a bug that causes BabelMap to get an incorrect glyph index for certain characters in certain fonts, which affects the "Copy CMAP Subtable" function.

BabelMap Version [2009-12-31]

This update fixes a bug that causes BabelMap to crash if the tab key is pressed multiple times.

BabelMap Version [2010-01-02]

This update improves character search, and displays the ISO/IEC 6429 names for control characters in the character description (these used to be displayed, but were inadvertently dropped somewhere along the line).

BabelMap Version [2010-06-06]

This update adds the following features :

BabelMap Version [2010-06-09]

Refixes a bug whereby some of the radicals in the Han Radical Lookup Utility were displayed as the wrong character.

BabelMap Version [2010-06-18]

Fixes a bug with the display of text labels in the Options menu that affects some locales; and a bug with the block coverage statistics in the Composite Font Mappings dialog.

BabelMap Version BETA [2010-07-04]

Beta releases of BabelMap and BabelPad suporting Unicode 6.0 are now available for download:

Caveat: The Unicode properties in BabelMap/BabelPad are based on the latest versions of the Unicode 6.0 Beta data files, and although the data is unlikely to change substantially before the release of Unicode 6.0 in late September, some properties may be subject to change, and should not be relied on. However, character names and code points are fixed, and may be relied on.

As usual, please send any bug reports or feature requests to me (see my profile for my email address).



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