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1. Chinese Drama

This is a complete set of the first edition of the fifth series of early Chinese drama Gǔběn Xìqū Cóngkān (古本戲曲叢刊四集), published in 1958, which was edited by Zheng Zhenduo 鄭振鐸 (1898–1958) who tragically died in a plane crash just before publication. His hand-written draft for a preface hurriedly written the day before he boarded the ill-fated airplane is reproduced in the first fascicle. This set comprises 180 traditional thread-bound fascicles in 17 cases. Also included in the price of £1,500 are four parts of the ninth series published in 1964 (42 fascicles in 8 cases).

Final page of Zheng Zhenduo's draft preface

No. Image Title and Publication Information Price
ZH001 《古本戲曲叢刊四集》(17函180册)
£1,500 + postage

2. Chinese Books

No. Image Title and Publication Information Price
ZH002 【明】陶宗儀 等編《說郛三種》(10册)
ISBN 7-5325-0408-5
£200 + postage
ZH003 《和刻本類書集成》(6册):
ISBN 7-5325-0791-2
£100 + postage
ZH004 《古本小說叢刊》第一輯(5冊):
ISBN 7-101-00205-6
£40 + postage
ZH005 《四庫大辭典》
Yang Chia-lo's Chinese Bibliographical Dictionary Series Nos. I, II and III
Taibei, 1967
£40 + postage
ZH006 马振方 主编
ISBN 7-5407-1037-3
£20 + postage

A large number of other Chinese books, mostly published in China during the 1980s and 1990s related to Chinese literature, are available here.

3. Ottoman Turkish Bible

This is a very fine copy of the first edition of the combined Old Testament and New Testament translation into Ottoman Turkish, printed in Paris in 1827. The New Testment was previously published in 1819.

No. Image Title and Publication Information Price
XX001 Kitab ül-ahd el-atik and Kitab ül-ahd el-cedid el-mensub ila Rabbina İsa el-Mesih (Biblia Turcica, comprising the Ottoman Turkish translation of the Old Testament and New Testament, bound in a single volume).
Edited from Ali Bey's manuscript by H. F. von Diez and J. D. Kieffer.
Paris: Dar el-Taba’at el-Melkuttatel-Mi’marat (Imprimérie Royale), on behalf of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1827.
OT and NT bound in one volume: [4], 7, [1], 984, [4], 3, [1], 318 pp.
Ex libris: P. W. Donner (1904–1988)
Sample images: OT title page; NT titlepage.
£2,500 + postage

4. Antiquarian Books

No. Image Title and Publication Information Price
XX002 The Statistical Atlas of England, Scotland, and Ireland by G. Phillips Bevan
Edinburgh and London: W. & A. K. Johnston, 1882.
75 pp, 45 plates (single or double page colour maps).
37.0 × 52.5 cm
Ex libris: Charles Saroléa (1870–1953)
Sample images: Plate XI; Plate XIX; Plate XXIV.
£300 + postage


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