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1247 Planisphere

南宋石刻天文图 苏州南宋天文图碑刻于公元1247年,碑高2.16米,宽1.08米,上部刻有圆形星图,共刻1400余颗恒星和银河界线,下部刻有文字说明,是我国重要的天文文物之一,现藏于苏州博物馆。


THE PLANISPHERE CARVED ON STONE TABLET The planisphere of Suzhou was carved on stone tablet which is 2.16 meters high and 1.08 meters wide in 1247 A.D (Southern Song Dynasty). There is a round star-chart in the upper of the tablet and the explanation in the below. Carved more than 1400 stars and outline of the Milky Way in it. It is one of the rare astronomical relics of our country and kept in Suzhou Museum now.

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