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Jurchen Small Script Font


Jurchen Small is a font representing the short inscription in Jurchen small script characters that is inscribed on a pair of gold and silver paizi 牌子 (travel pass or symbol of authority) found at Chengde, Hebei in 1972 (见《承德发现的契丹符牌》, 载《文物》 1974.10), and a single silver paizi found in Jilin in 1980 (见《吉林省德惠县发现辽金时期银质符牌》, 载《文物》 1986.5). The font maps the symbol at the top to U+E000, the two composed clusters of three phonograms to U+E001 and U+E002, and the six individual phonograms to U+E003 through E008.

Gold paizi found at Chengde in 1972


This font is free to use for personal or commercial purposes, and you are also free to redistribute it by itself or as part of a free or commercial software package, just as long as you do not sell the fonts on its own.

For use on your computer or mobile device please download and install the TTF file by clicking on the font name below. The WOFF and WOFF2 files are for web hosting use only, and are not required by most users.

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