Khitan Small Script Test Page

Test page for a prototype font for Khitan Small Script, with glyphs derived from a font designed by Jing Yongshi. The font uses the provisional code points defined in ISO/IEC 10646:2017 PDAM 2.2, and uses OpenType features for automatic cluster formation.

Inscription on a Bronze mirror from Kaesŏng

𘭔͏𘭢 𘲽𘱸

𘰷𘭴 𘰝𘲚𘲦 𘲲𘯴𘱆 𘳍𘰄 𘰴𘳍𘰄

𘬜𘭞𘰷 𘬜𘭞𘰷 𘲀𘭞𘭟 𘲀𘭞𘭟 𘱓𘮯𘮡

𘬹𘯺𘮢 𘬥𘳍𘰄 𘲽𘲜 𘲫𘱮 𘮡𘱆

𘰺𘰂𘮅𘲚𘲴 𘬥𘱛 𘰭𘲣𘰥 𘭐𘰱 𘰺𘯜𘯺

𘮠͏𘱤 𘰺𘮢𘲆𘭢 𘯺𘮅𘭂𘯢 𘲜𘱤𘬚

𘰭𘱀 𘬜𘳍𘰄

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Rubbing of the Record of the Younger Brother of the Emperor of the Great Jin Dynasty

𘲇 𘮝 𘱚𘮒𘲦 𘭅𘭂𘬐 𘮉 𘬞𘱞 𘬓𘰫 𘱚𘮰 𘱄𘱹𘲚 𘱖𘯺𘭗 𘲽𘲑 𘯴𘰷 𘲅𘯺𘬐 𘱆 𘭕𘰕 𘱄𘭏

𘬥𘯺𘬐 𘲱𘱶𘱤 𘲜𘮢𘲫 𘰷𘰗𘱤 𘰝𘰆𘲦 𘲾𘭛 𘱄𘮰𘰍 𘱥𘱆𘲽 𘱚𘬛𘱫 𘰺𘱓𘭛 𘱥𘮡𘰱 𘮧𘭲𘱆𘱤 𘱥𘰕 𘲭

𘭞𘱄𘲲𘱦 𘱄𘱤 𘲽𘭕𘲦 𘱘𘰴𘱦 𘮽𘮘𘲲𘲐 𘬥𘰍𘲚𘱞𘰴 𘰛 𘰷𘯜𘯹𘱄𘭂𘮅𘲫 𘲫𘱮 𘬝𘰹𘱆 𘱥𘱆𘯥𘰷𘭢 𘲫𘯌 𘲝𘱸 𘬥𘭛 𘮧𘯶𘲀𘭢

𘱄𘰆𘯆𘲽 𘯥𘱪𘲆𘱆 𘰝𘱸𘱦 𘱥𘱤𘰱 𘬿𘲫 𘱀𘲦 𘱘𘰴 𘮉𘮒 𘱨𘮽𘲝𘲽 𘱥𘱤𘬪𘲆𘱆 𘮧𘬗𘱄𘲫𘯏 𘮗 𘰲 𘰺𘬛𘱦 𘰯 𘲝

𘰷𘱹𘱓 𘭅𘭂𘱦 𘲐 𘲌𘮒𘲫 𘲚𘲀 𘰯 𘲂 𘲺 𘮧𘯶𘯎

𘬜𘲼 𘱚𘱕 𘰩𘬷𘱥𘱦 𘲽𘱹 𘮄𘱆 𘱤𘰣 𘭙 𘱚𘱆 𘬘𘰽𘲽𘱦 𘲽𘱹 𘮄𘱆 𘭖𘱚 𘲽𘰆 𘬥𘮡 𘭯 𘱷 𘱄𘰆 𘲰𘱫 𘭝 𘮰 𘱥𘱤 𘲽𘱦

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