Khitan Small Script Test Page

This is a test page for a prototype font for the Khitan Small Script, with glyphs derived from a font designed by Jing Yongshi. The Khitan Small Script will be included in Unicode 13.0 (code charts) to be released in March 2020. The font uses OpenType features for automatic cluster formation. This test page shows the text on a gold pendant with Khitan Small Script inscriptions on both sides.

Gold Pendant

Side A (regular script) Side B (seal script)

𘬥𘰆 𘰷𘭏 𘱚𘱕

𘱚𘲜 𘱊𘲚 𘱇

𘭝 𘱰𘱀𘱄𘱯𘬜

𘲼𘱆𘱦 𘬮𘲦