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These are two fonts for the seal script style Khitan large script characters used on the face inscription of official seals from Liao, Northern Liao, Western Liao, and Jin dynasties. See Khitan Seals for more information on Khitan seals.

BabelStone Khitan Seal Glyphs

This font containing 80 "ninefold" seal script forms of individual Khitan Large Script glyphs, mapped to the PUA at F000..F04F. Because the original glyph forms have varying heights, the font glyphs are rotated anticlockwise 90° with respect to the reading orientation, so they all have the same height but varying width. Therefore for display on web pages or in Word documents, glyphs should be rotated clockwise 90°to show the original orientation.

BabelStone Khitan Seals

This font derived from BabelStone Khitan Seal Glyphs, but each glyph contains the complete seal face inscription for a single seal in the original orientation. All glyphs have a square format, and are exactly the same size. The font has twelve glyphs mapped to the PUA at E001..E00E.

BabelStone Khitan Seals
Code Point Seal Glyph

Seal A1

Seal A2

Seal A3

Seal A4

Seal A5

Seal A6

Seal A7

Seal A8

Seal A9

Seal A10

Seal A14

Seal B5


BabelStone Khitan Seal Glyphs and BabelStone Khitan Seals are licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1, which means you are free to use them for personal or commercial purposes, and to redistribute them by itself or as part of a free or commercial software package, just as long as you do not sell the fonts on their own. The license also allows you to modify the fonts in any way you like, as long as the modified font does not use "BabelStone" in its name. Please read the license for details.

For use on your computer or mobile device please download and install the TTF file by clicking on the font name below. The WOFF and WOFF2 files are for web hosting use only, and are not required by most users.

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