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Sui (Shuishu) PUA Fonts


These are a set of scan fonts covering Sui (Shuishu 水书) characters listed in various printed sources, with characters mapped to the Unicode Private Use Area (PUA). These fonts were created to facilitate the writing of the document Analysis of Shuishu character repertoire, which includes detailed information on the sources used for these fonts, and mappings between the Shuishu characters in these sources.

The Mojikyo (Mojikyō 文字鏡) fonts produced by the Mojikyo Institute 文字鏡研究会 in Japan includes one font (M113) that has 145 Shuishu characters, which can be downloaded from the Mojikyo web site.

Readings, meanings, and mappings for all the characters in these four fonts (as well as the Mojikyo M113 font) are provided as an Excel spreadsheet Shuishu.xlsx.


The characters for the ten heavenly stems (天干) in each font:

BabelStone Shuishu WSF

BabelStone Shuishu WZL

BabelStone Shuishu ZJR

BabelStone Shuishu Nishida


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