Vietnamese Reading Marks Test

The sequences in the table below are supported in BabelStone Han version 15.1.1. All other sequences are not currently supported, but please ask me if you need any additional sequences add to the font.

Code Points Characters Actual Result Expected Result
5047 16FF0 假 𖿰 假𖿰 𪝪
50AC 16FF0 催 𖿰 催𖿰 𪝱
5149 16FF0 光 𖿰 光𖿰 𪞀
5348 16FF0 午 𖿰 午𖿰 𪟳
610F 16FF0 意 𖿰 意𖿰 𪬫
7ACB 16FF0 立 𖿰 立𖿰 𫁞
80B2 16FF0 育 𖿰 育𖿰 𫆡
9B5A 16FF0 魚 𖿰 魚𖿰 𩵜
5916 16FF1 外 𖿱 外𖿱
5C3C 16FF1 尼 𖿱 尼𖿱
5F8B 16FF1 律 𖿱 律𖿱
610F 16FF1 意 𖿱 意𖿱
66F0 16FF1 曰 𖿱 曰𖿱
7ACB 16FF1 立 𖿱 立𖿱