The Morrison Collection
Robert Morrison (1782-1834)


Published Works By Robert Morrison

Chinese Philology and Pedagogy

A grammar of the Chinese language. By the Rev. Robert Morrison. Serampore (Bengal, India) : printed at the Mission-press, 1815. vi, [ii], 280 p. ; 27cm { CWML H472 }

A dictionary of the Chinese language. By R. Morrison. Macao, China : printed at the Honorable East India Company's press, by P.P. Thoms; London : Black, Parbury and Allen, 1815-1823. 6 v ; 30 cm. In three parts : Part 1: Chinese and English arranged according to the radicals ; Part 2: Chinese and English arranged alphabetically ; Part 3: English and Chinese. { CWML M84 }

Dialogues and detached sentences in the Chinese language : with a free and verbal translation in English : collected from various sources : designed as an initiatory work for the use of students of Chinese. Macao : printed at the Honorable East India Company's Press, by P.P. Thoms, 1816. viii, 262 p. ; 22 cm. { CWML Q118 }

Chinese miscellany : consisting of original extracts from Chinese authors, in the native character; with translations and philological remarks. By Robert Morrison. London : printed ... for the London Missionary Society, 1825. 52 p. : 12 folding ill ; 32 cm. { CWML H472 ; CWML M6 ; CWML N311 }

Vocabulary of the Canton dialect [Guangdongsheng tuhua zihui 廣東省土話字彙]. By R. Morrison. Macao, China : printed at the Honorable East India Company's Press, by G.J. Steyn, 1828. 3 in 1 v ; 24 cm. In 3 parts : Part 1: English and Chinese ; Part 2: Chinese and English ; Part 3: Chinese words and phrases. { CWML N150 }

Vocabulary of the Canton dialect. By Robert Morrison; with new introduction by Kingsley Bolton. Hong Kong : University of Hong Kong, 2001. 660 p. { ISBN : 1 86210 018 7 }

Translations from the Chinese

Horae Sinicae : translations from the popular literature of the Chinese. By Rev Robert Morrison. London : printed for Black and Parry (et al.), 1812. vi, [ii], 71 p. { CWML Q104 } [Also in Urh-chih-tsze-teen-se-yin-pe-keaou ...]

Translations from the original Chinese, with Notes. Canton, China : printed by order of the Select Committee, at the Hon East India Company's press, by P.P. Thoms, 1815. [2], 42 p. { CWML N280 }

Singular proclamation : issued by the Foo-yuen or Sub-Viceroy, of Canton, translated from the Chinese. By Rev Dr Morrison. London : printed by Cox and Baylis, printers to the Royal Asiatic Society, 1824. 7 p. [From The Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland vol.1.] { CWML N311 }

"The Lord's prayer in Chinese characters". [From Evangelical magazine ?] { CWML O187 }

Description and History of China

A memoir of the principal occurrences during an Embassy from the British Government to the court of China in the year 1816. By Rev Dr Robert Morrison. London : [s.n.], 1819. 68 p. ; 22 cm. [Reprinted from The Pamphleteer vol. 15 (1819) pp.139-206.] { CWML O13 ; CWML O17 }

A view of China, for philological purposes : containing a sketch of Chinese chronology, geography, government, religion & customs, designed for the use of persons who study the Chinese language. By Rev R. Morrison. London : Published and sold by Black, Parbury and Allen, booksellers to the Hon. East India Company; Macao: printed at East India Company's press by P.P. Thoms, 1817. vi, 141 p. ; 29 cm. { CWML H471 }

Notices concerning China and the port of Canton : also a narrative of the affair of the English frigate Topaze 1821-22 : with remarks on homicides, and an account of the fire of Canton. Malacca : printed at the Mission Press, 1823. xiv, 97 p. : plan { CWML N294 ; CWML Q116 }

China : a dialogue, for the use of schools : being ten conversations between a father and his two children concerning the history and present state of that country. By an Anglo-Chinese. London : James Nisbet, 1824. [iv], 120 p. { CWML Q96 }

Sermons and Religious Discourses

Familiar lectures on the epistle of St. Paul to the Philippians : delivered to a few individuals in a private room at Macao, China, and now printed for private distribution. Malacca : printed at the Anglo-Chinese Press, 1818. v, 280 p. ; 18 cm. { CWML Q97 }

Regard to the affairs of others : a discourse, delivered at Hoxton Academy chapel, February 6, 1825. By R. Morrison, D.D. London : printed and published for the author by Samuel Burton, 1825. 38 p. { CWML N294 }

The knowledge of Christ supremely excellent : the means and the duty of diffusing it among all nations : being a discourse delivered before the London Missionary Society in Surry chapel, May 11 1825. By Robert Morrison. London : printed for Francis Westley, 1825. 34 p. { CWML G428 ; CWML J64 }

[Semon preached at Surrey Chapel, May 11, 1825]. By Rev Dr Morrison. In Sermon reports : annual sermons for the London Missionary Society. From: The Pulpit no.109 (1825 May 19) and 110 (1825 May 26). { CWML G441 }

A parting memorial : consisting of miscellaneous discourses, written and preached in China; at Singapore; on board ship at sea, in the Indian Ocean; at the Cape of Good Hope; and in England; with remarks on missions, &c. &c. By Robert Morrison. London : printed for W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1826. xi, 411 p. ; 23 cm. { CWML N310 ; CWML Q94 }

Lectures on the sayings of Jesus. By Robert Morrison. Malacca : printed at the Mission Press, 1832. 2 in 1 v ; [ii], 5, [i], 421p { CWML Q129 ; CWML Q131 }

Admonitions, addressed to a mixed congregation from various nations and belonging to different churches : being a sermon preached on board the American ship Morrison, at Whampoa in China, December 2 1833. By Robert Morrison. [Macao, China] : printed for the author at the Albion Press, 1833. [ii], 17 p. { CWML N284 ; CWML O198 }

Missionary Activity

A retrospect of the first ten years of the Protestant mission to China : (now, in connection with the Malay, denominated the Ultra-Ganges missions) : accompanied with miscellaneous remarks on the literature, history, and mythology of China &c. By William Milne [1785-1822]. Malacca : printed at the Anglo-Chinese Press, 1820. viii, 376 p. ; 21 cm. { CWML Q115 } [Although credited to Milne, this work was largely written by Morrison]

Memoirs of the Rev. William Milne, late missionary to China, and principal of the Anglo-Chinese College, compiled from documents written by the deceased, to which are added occasional remarks. By Robert Morrison. Malacca : printed at the Mission Press, 1824. [iv], viii, 231 p. ; 21 cm. { CWML Q99 ; CWML Q129 ; CWML Q137 }

The evangelist : and miscellanea Sinica. [Macao, China] : sold by Marwick & Co ...and by R. Edwards, Canton; printed at Albion Press, 1833. 4 issues published during May and June 1833. { CWML O185 }

"Observations respecting the primitive churches". By the late Robert Morrison. In Ralph Wardlaw [1779-1853], Civil establishments of Christianity tried by their only authoritative test, the Word of God : a sermon. Surat (India) : printed at the Mission press, 1835. iv, 48 p. { CWML N309 }

English Pedagogy

A grammar of the English language : for the use of the Anglo-Chinese College [Yingguo wenyu fanli zhuan 英國文語凡例傳]. By R. Morrison. Macao, China : East India Company's Press, 1823. 97 p. { CWML L153 }

Translations of the Bible into Chinese

Sheng Lujia shi chuan fuyinshu 聖路加氏傳福音書 [The Gospel of St. Luke]. [Canton or Macao: s.n., 1811 (or 1812?)]. 80 ff. ; 28 cm. { Andover-Harvard Theological Library : R.B.R. folio BS315.C57 L8 1812 }

Chu Maixiguo zhuan 出麥西國傳 [Exodus]. [n.p. : s.n.],1844. [Translated by Morrison in 1819.] 34 f. ; 22.5 cm. { SOAS : RM c.502.p.5 (5) }

Shentian shengshu 神天聖書 [The Holy Bible]. Malacca : issued by the Anglo-Chinese College [英華書院], 1823. In 23 volumes.

Christian Tracts in Chinese

Shendao lun shujiu shi zongshuo zhenben 神道論贖救世總說真本 [A summary of the doctrine of divine redemption]. [n.p. : s.n., ca.1811].

Wenda qianzhu Yesu jiaofa 問答淺註耶穌教法 [An annotated catechism on the teachings of Jesus]. [n.p. : s.n., ca.1812].

[Short abstract relative to the Scriptures]. [n.p. : s.n., ca.1814].

Gushi Rushyaguo lidai lüezhuan 古時如氏亞國歷代畧傳 [An outline of Old Testament history]. [n.p. : s.n., 1815].

Yangxin shenshi 養心神詩 [Edifying hymns]. [n.p. : s.n., 1818].

Nianzhong meiri zaowan qidao xushi 年中每日早晚祈禱敘式 [The Book of Common Prayer]. [Malacca : s.n., 1818].

Shentiandao zajizhuan 神天道碎集傳 [Miscellaneous essays on the way of heaven]. [Malacca : s.n., 1818].

Gusheng feng shentian qishi dao jiaxun 古聖奉神天啟示道家訓 [Domestic instructor]. [Malacca : s.n., 1832].

Zawen bian 雜文編 [Serial miscellany]. [Macao : s.n., 1833].

Qidao wenzan shenshi 祈禱文讚神詩 [Prayers and hymns]. [Macao : s.n., 1833].

Other Works in Chinese

Xiyou diqiu wenjian lüezhuan 西遊地球聞見畧傳 [A brief account of things that I have seen and heard during a voyage westwards around the world]. By "Chenyou jushi" 塵遊居士 [Dusty Traveller]. [n.p. : s.n., 1819]. 27 p. : map ; 28 cm. [A record of a journey supposedly undertaken by a Chinese traveller from China to Europe via India, the author's three-year sojourn in Paris, and his return to China via America.] { SOAS : RM c.157.h.1 }

Critiques of Works by Robert Morrison

Urh-chih-tsze-teen-se-yin-pe-keaou : being a parallel drawn betwen the two intended dictionaries, by the Rev Robert Morrison and Antonio Montucci ... Together with Morrison's Horae Sinicae, a new edition with the text of the popular Chinese primer ... San-tsi-king. By Antonio Montucci [1762-1829]. London : printed for the author and sold by T. Cadell and W. Davies ... and T. Boosey ..., 1817. [vi], 174p : frontis. { CWML M15 }

Life and Works of Robert Morrison

The funeral discourse occasioned by the death of the Rev Robert Morrison ..., delivered before the London Missionary Society at the Poultry chapel, February 19 1835. By Joseph Fletcher [1784-1843]. London : Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, 1835. 75 p. { CWML G429 ; CWML G443 ; CWML N294 }

"Memoir of the Rev Robert Morrison, D.D., F.R.S., &c". By T.F. In The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register March 1835. { CWML O251 ; CWML N294 }

Memoirs of the life and labours of Robert Morrison. Compiled by his widow [Eliza Morrison, 1795-1874], with critical notices of his Chinese works, by Samuel Kidd [1804-1843]. London : Longman, Orme, Brown, and Longmans, 1839. 2 v : ill , port ; 23 cm. { CWML Q122 }

The origin of the first Protestant mission to China : and history of the events which induced the attempt, and succeeded in the accomplishment of a translation of the Holy Scriptures into the Chinese language, at the expense of the East India Company, and of the casualties which assigned to the late Dr Morrison the carrying out of this plan : with copies of the correspondence between the Archbishop of Canterbury ... &c and the Rev W. W. Moseley ... To which is appended a new account of the origin of the British and Foreign Bible Society, and a copy of the memoir which originated the Chinese mission &c. By William Willis Moseley. London : Simpkin and Marshall, 1842. [ii], 116 p. { CWML O86 ; CWML N310 }

Robert Morrison : the pioneer of Chinese missions. By William John Townsend [1835-1915]. London : S.W. Partridge & Co., [ca.1890?]. 272 p. : ill, frontis. (port.) { CWML R427 }

Cleaving the rock: the story of Robert Morrison, Christian pioneer in China. By T. Dixon Rutherford. London: London Missionary Society, [ca.1902?]. 24 p. : ill., ports. [New illustrated series of missionary biographies No.14] { CWML U233 }

Robert Morrison and the centenary of Protestant missions in China : notes for speakers. London : London Missionary Society, 1907. [8] p. { CWML Q222 }

Three typical missionaries. By Rev George J. Williams [1864-?]. London] : London Missionary Society, [ca.1908?]. 8 p. [Outline missionary lessons for Sunday school teachers No.2] { CWML Q202 }

Four lessons on Robert Morrison. By Vera E. Walker. [London] : London Missionary Society, [ca.1920?]. 15 p. : ill. { CWML Q244 }

Robert Morrison, a master-builder. By Marshall Broomhall [1866-1937]. London, Livingstone Press, 1924. xvi, 238 p. ; front. (port.), 1 ill. (plan) ; 19 1/2 cm. { CWML U169 }

Robert Morrison : China's pioneer. [By Ernest Henry Hayes, 1881-?]. London : Livingstone Press, 1925. 128 p.

The years behind the wall. By Millicent and Margaret Thomas. London : Livingstone Press, 1936. 126 p. : ill. (some col.), frontis., maps on lining papers ; 20 cm. { CWML R449 }

Robert Morrison : the scholar and the man. By Lindsay Ride [1898-1977]. Hong Kong (China) : Hong Kong University Press, 1957. vii, 48, [ii], 13, [12] p. : ill [Includes an illustrated catalogue of the exhibition held at the University of Hong Kong September 1957 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Robert Morrison's arrival in China] { CWML M97 }

The origins of the Anglo-American missionary enterprise in China, 1807-1840. By Murray A. Rubinstein [1942-]. Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press, 1996. xi, 399 p. ; 23 cm. [ATLA monograph series no. 33] { ISBN : 0810827700 }

Chuan jiao wei ren Ma-li-xun 傳教偉人馬禮遜. Written by Hai-en-bo 海恩波著 [Marshall Broomhall, 1866-1937]; translated by Jian You-wen 簡又文. Xiang-gang 香港 : Jidujiao wenyi chubanshe 基督教文藝出版社 , 2000. 178 p., [4] p. of plates : ill. ; 21 cm. { ISBN : 9622944329 } [Translation of Robert Morrison, a master-builder]

Descriptions and Catalogues of the Morrison Collection

Catalogue of Morrison's Chinese Library. MS book comprising 1,114 title entries under 396 phonetic keywords. Compiled by Robert Morrison [1782-1834] in 1824; with anonymous cross-references to the sequential catalogue numbers found on the actual books added at a later date. [ca. 400] p. ; 16 x 13 cm. { SOAS : MS 80823 }

Catalogue slips for the Morrison Collection of Chinese books at University College London. 54 MS catalogue slips. Compiled by John Williams [1797-1874] in 1854; collated by Andrew C. West [1960-] in 1998. [20] p. { SOAS : RM c.001 }

Extract from a Report on the Contents of the Morrison Chinese Library, Made to the Council, in September 1854. Typescript description and summary of the collection. By John Williams [1797-1874]. 3 p. { SOAS : MS226830 (2) }

Catalogue of the Morrison Chinese Library. 710 MS catalogue slips. Compiled by [Anon.] circa 1870-1890; with a single-sheet appendix compiled by R. W. Chambers in 1918. [1], 143 p. { SOAS : MS 58685 }

Catalogue of the Morrison collection of Chinese books [馬禮遜藏書書目]. Compiled by Andrew C. West [1960-]. London : University of London School of Oriental and African Studies, 1998. XL, 376 p. : ill. ; 31 cm. { ISBN : 0 7286 0292 X }

Manuscript Letters and Papers of Robert Morrison and John Robert Morrison

The following is a very incomplete listing of manuscript papers and letters by and relating to Robert Morrison and his son John Robert Morrison, arranged according to holding institution.

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