Sanguo Yanyi : Ye Fengchun Edition



The 1548 Ye Fengchun edition is one of the most important editions of Sanguo Yanyi, as it is the earliest dateable edition of the novel (the so-called "1522" edition was probably not published until well after its preface date of 1522). However, it is also one of the least well-known editions, as it survives only in a single, incomplete copy held at the Royal Library of the Escorial Monastery outside Madrid in Spain, and it has never been published before. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to examine this edition in person in 1992 when I was carrying out research on the editions of Sanguo Yanyi, and was able to get a microfilm of the book made for me.

Digital Images

I have now scanned my original microfilm of the book into 710 digital images, which I am making freely available on this site. In order to view the images, click here, and use the buttons to browse from page-to-page, from-item-to-item or from-volume-to-volume. The browsing technology relies on JavaScript, but if you have disabled JavaScript in your browser you can still access the images via the Table of Contents or Index of Images.


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