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Word Frequency Dialog Box

This dialog box allows you to calculate the frequency of all words in the current document. You may launch this tool by selecting "Word Frequency..." from the Tools menu, or by pressing the second button on the Document toolbar. When the dialog box is open it looks like this:

The following options for calculating word frequency are available:

The following options are available for configuring the results display:

Once you have selected the required options, press the "Calculate Frequency" button to count the frequency of words in the current document. During calculation a progress bar will indicate the current progress of the operation (this may take some time for very large files), and all other functions will be disabled. Be careful not to press the Escape key whilst the operation is in progress or else the dialog box may close immediately after the operation has completed. If the checkbox "Save results to file" is not checked then when the operation completes the results will be displayed in the dialog box, as below:

The column headed "Count" gives the total number of occurences of the word in the document. The "Script" column is only present if "Show script in results" has been check. The "First Line" or "Line Numbers" column is only present if either "First line number only" or "All line numbers" has been checked. You may sort the list by word, count or first line by clicking on the appropriate table header. To reverse the order of sort (ascending or descending) click the same header again. In order to sort the words according to the Unicode Collation Algorithm, copy the list to BabelPad, and use the BabelPad sort functionality (Columns > Sort Columns... from the Edit menu).

If the checkbox "Save results to file" is checked when you press the "Calculate Frequency" button then when the operation completes you will be prompted to save the results to file (tab-separated and encoded as UTF-8), and the results area of the dialog box will not show any counts.

The following additional buttons are available:

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