Custom Font List for Unicode 8.0

Last updated: 2015-05-08

The following is the custom font list for the Unicode Slide Show and BabelMap Online (defined in unicode.js). When "Use Custom Fonts" is checked the appropriate font list for each block is inserted into the font-family style for the Unicode character to be displayed. The list only includes fonts pre-installed on Windows and freeware or unrestricted shareware fonts.

Unicode Blocks (Unicode 7.0)

Download Google Noto Fonts

A large number of fonts covering most Unicode scripts are provided for free by Google, and can be downloaded from the Google Noto Fonts page. The fonts on this page can be downloaded individually from the following links, or as a single zip file (362.4 MB).

Serif Fonts

Sans-Serif Fonts

Sans-Serif CJK Fonts

Download SIL Fonts

SIL International provides a number of free fonts.

Download Other Freeware and Shareware Fonts