Documentation for XXZT to Unicode Conversion

The XXZT (西夏字体) font designed by Jing Yongshi 景永时 is a Tangut font with glyphs mapped to CJK code points. You can convert Tangut text using the XXZT font to Unicode Tangut using the online XXZT to Unicode Converter. Simply paste text into the top text box (which should be displayed using the XXZT font if installed on your system), then press one of the "Convert" buttons, and the converted Unicode text will be put in the bottom text box. The converted Unicode text may then be copied to the clipboard by pressing the "Copy" button.

The conversion tool supports two versions of the XXZT font:

There are a few mapping differences between these two versions, as described below. To use the mappings for the (A) version of the font, press the "Convert (A)" button, and to use the mappings for the (B) version of the font, press the "Convert (B)" button.

Details of the Two XXZT Fonts
(A) Font (B) Font
File size 5,385,356 bytes 5,375,904 bytes
File date 27.06.2007 16.10.2007
English typeface name FZZiDianSongYiExtention C XXZT
Chinese typeface name xxzt 西夏字体
English Version 1.00 2.0(2007)
Chinese Version 2.00 2.0(2007)
English Copyright (c) Founder Corporation.1999
Chinese Copyright 版权所有:北方民族大学景永时 版权所有:北方民族大学景永时
Total characters 6,627 characters: 95 Basic Latin + 6,532 CJK Unified Ideographs 6,613 characters: 95 Basic Latin + 6,518 CJK Unified Ideographs

The two fonts have different mappings for twelve characters:

The (A) font has fourteen characters not in the (B) font:

There are also significant glyph differences between the two fonts for seventy-seven characters (4E4C, 545C, 547D, 54ED, 563B, 5893, 5915, 5DF4, 5E0C, 5E2D, 606F, 62A2, 631D, 6342, 6377, 6599, 65A1, 6790, 6842, 6881, 68F1, 6A84, 6C50, 6C64, 6CDB, 70E9, 70EF, 7406, 7784, 7914, 7958, 79CF, 7A16, 7A9D, 7CC9, 7DA3, 7DE0, 7E1D, 7ED3, 7F5B, 7F60, 7F66, 7FC9, 80A7, 80AC, 80B5, 80E0, 8120, 8121, 8142, 819D, 81FC, 821E, 8417, 855C, 85D7, 85D8, 879C, 87B8, 87CC, 87CD, 87CF, 87D7, 87FC, 8800, 8801, 8804, 8806, 8807, 8811, 88AD, 8965, 89C4, 9175, 94A8, 96F6, 9CA4), and insignificant glyph differences for 12 characters (5395, 545B, 5496, 5CAD, 62C2, 6566, 66F9, 76FE, 843A, 85D9, 8F90, 8F9E).

Some components in the XXZT font (mostly complex components) are not encoded in Unicode, and will be converted to a full-width question mark, and a few components have best-fit mappings.