600 Phrases in the Liangshan Yi Dialect


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These pages present an ongoing translation of a Chinese textbook for the teaching of the colloquial Liangshan Yi dialect, entitled 600 Phrases in the Liangshan Yi Dialect 凉山彝语会话六百句 (ꆃꎭꆈꉙꅇꂷꃘꉐꇬ), by Li Min and Ma Ming, published in China in 1981.

The book comprises twenty-seven lessons, and each lesson introduces a number of useful phrases within a dialogue context, in total 600 phrases.



  1. An Encounter on the Roadꐮꋒ
  2. At Workꑘꁨ
  3. Family Circumstances (Part 1)ꀁꇬꃆꂮ(1)
  4. Family Circumstances (Part 2)ꀁꇬꃆꂮ(2)
  5. A Conversationꌧꈿ
  6. Getting Up and Washingꀀꄓ、ꒈꋌ
  7. Going to Bedꇬꀀ
  8. A Guest Arrivesꄹꃥꇁ
  9. Agricultural Tools and Household Implementsꊨꅍꎸꉘ、ꎊꈬꂷꇁ
  10. Domestic Animalsꎇꃀꍅꑓ
  11. Studyꄯꒉꌷ
  12. Holding a Meetingꃀꈿ
  13. Watching a Movieꄆꑳꉜ
  14. Playing Footballꐋꅥ
  15. Visiting the Zooꑋꃅꉆꃅꉜꁧ
  16. A Mealꋙꋠ
  17. At the Marketꇤꍤ
  18. Out Shoppingꊵꑵꃼ
  19. Fruitꌩꋚꇓꂷ
  20. The Human Bodyꊿ、ꇭꀧ、ꑭ、ꇇ
  21. The Weatherꂿꃋ
  22. The Calendarꈎ、ꂷ、ꑍ
  23. Directionsꃅꍜ
  24. Going to the Doctor (Part 1)ꆅꉚ(1)
  25. Going to the Doctor (Part 2)ꆅꉚ(2)
  26. Classroom Vocabulary (Part 1)ꂿꒉꂘꇬꅇꂷ(1)
  27. Classroom Vocabulary (Part 2)ꂿꒉꂘꇬꅇꂷ(2)



Liángshān Yíyŭ Huìhuà Liùbăijù 凉山彝语会话六百句 [ꆃꎭꆈꉙꅇꂷꃘꉐꇬ niep sha nuo hxop ddop ma fut hxa go]. By Li Min and Ma Ming 李民、马明著 [ꇤꇉꃅꇫ、ꂸꐟꉐꈬꑋꁱꌠ ga lo mu gox, map jjiep hxa ggu, nyix bbursu]. Chengdu : Sichuan Minzu Chubanshe 四川民族出版社 [ꌧꍧꊿꋅꄯꒉꅏꅉ syp chuo co cux tep yy ddurx dde], 1981.

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