Note: These pages date back to the early 2000's, are incomplete, and are no longer maintained. These pages refer to "Yi" and "Liangshan Yi" which are the Chinese designations for the people and their language, but the name "Nuosu" is now preferred. See also my pages on the Sani Yi script. [AW 2017-12-16]

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Unicode Encoding of the Yi Script

The Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646 standards include two blocks that cover the standardised Liangshan Yi script :

For more information see my Unicode Encoding of the Yi Script page.

Yi Fonts

As the text of these lessons is given in the Yi script, you will need to install an appropriate font, and configure your browser to use the font to display all text in the Yi script. The following fonts support the Liangshan Yi script :

A PUA-encoded font for the Sani Yi script is also available here.

Yi Input Methods

You may use my BabelPad Unicode text editor to input Yi text using an input method based on the Yi Phonetic Alphabet.

You may also use BabelPad or my BabelMap character map utility to look up Yi syllables by Radical and Stroke Count.


Liángshān Yíyŭ Huìhuà Liùbăijù 凉山彝语会话六百句 [ꆃꎭꆈꉙꅇꂷꃘꉐꇬ niep sha nuo hxop ddop ma fut hxa go]. By Li Min and Ma Ming 李民、马明著 [ꇤꇉꃅꇫ、ꂸꐟꉐꈬꑋꁱꌠ ga lo mu gox, map jjiep hxa ggu, nyix bbursu]. Chengdu : Sichuan Minzu Chubanshe 四川民族出版社 [ꌧꍧꊿꋅꄯꒉꅏꅉ syp chuo co cux tep yy ddurx dde], 1981.

Yíwén Jiănzì Bĕn 彝文检字本 [ꆈꌠꁱꂷꎹꏦꋐ nuo su bbur ma shep jie zzit]. Edited by the Sichuan Province Yi Script Working Group and Liangshan Dialect Working Committee [ꌧꍧꌜꆈꌠꁱꂷꌤꃅꋈꌠꆃꎭꍏꅇꂷꁱꂷꌤꃅꊈꑼꉼꁰꄻꄉꌠ syp chuo se nuo su bbur ma syt mu curx su, niep sha zho ddop ma bbur ma syt mu wo yuop hop bburx ddie da su]. Chengdu : Sichuan Minzu Chubanshe 四川民族出版社 [ꌧꍧꊿꋅꄯꒉꅏꅉ syp chuo co cux tep yy ddurx dde], 1984.

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