600 Phrases in the Liangshan Yi Dialect

Vocabulary List


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In dictionaries of Liangshan Yi, words are ordered by the forty-four Consonant Initials, then by the ten Vowel Medials, and then by the four Tone finals, as shown below.

44 Consonant Initials

10 Vowel Medials

4 Tone Finals

Vocabulary List

NULL Initial

B Initial

P Initial

BB Initial

NB Initial

HM Initial

M Initial

F Initial

V Initial

D Initial

T Initial

DD Initial

ND Initial

HN Initial

N Initial

HL Initial

L Initial

G Initial

K Initial

GG Initial

MG Initial

HX Initial

NG Initial

H Initial

W Initial

Z Initial

C Initial

ZZ Initial

NZ Initial

S Initial

SS Initial

ZH Initial

CH Initial

RR Initial

NR Initial

SH Initial

R Initial

J Initial

Q Initial

JJ Initial

NJ Initial

NY Initial

X Initial

Y Initial

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