BabelStone Fonts

List of BabelStone Fonts

Script Font Name Version License Sample
Latin BabelStone Roman Version 9.005
(Latin mapped)
BabelStone Centaurian Version 1.01
(Latin mapped)
BabelStone Goblin Version 1.01
BabelStone Goblin Vertical Version 1.01
Han BabelStone Han Version 9.0.2 APL
BabelStone Han PUA Version 1.063 APL
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Khitan Large Glyphs Version 1.005
BabelStone Khitan Seal Glyphs Version 1.003
BabelStone Khitan Small Glyphs Version 1.009
BabelStone Khitan Small Rotated Version 1.006
Marchen BabelStone Marchen Version 9.001
Ogham BabelStone Ogham
(Regular and Italic)
Version 2.00
Version 2.00
BabelStone Ogham Bound
(Regular and Italic)
Version 2.00
Version 2.00
BabelStone Ogham Fixed Version 2.01
BabelStone Ogham Stemless Version 2.01
BabelStone Ogham Lithic Version 1.01
BabelStone Ogham Pictish
(Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold-Italic)
Version 1.00
Version 1.00
Version 1.00
Version 1.00
BabelStone Ogham Special Version 1.01
Old Turkic BabelStone Irk Bitig (Monochrome and Colour) Version 1.01
Phags-pa BabelStone Phags-pa Book Version 1.02
Version 2.00
BabelStone Phags-pa Tibetan A Version 1.01
Version 2.00
BabelStone Phags-pa Tibetan B Version 1.01
Version 2.00
BabelStone Phags-pa Seal Version 1.01
(Latin mapped)
BabelStone Pigpen Version 1.02
BabelStone Club Penguin Version 1.02
BabelStone Leeson Version 1.02
Runic BabelStone Runic Beagnoth Version 1.06
BabelStone Runic Beorhtnoth Version 1.06
BabelStone Runic Beorhtric Version 1.06
BabelStone Runic Beowulf Version 1.06
BabelStone Runic Berhtwald Version 1.06
BabelStone Runic Byrhtferth Version 1.06
BabelStone Moon Runes Version 1.03
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Tangut HXM2004 Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut KYC2006 Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut LFW1986 Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut LFW1986X Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut LFW1997 Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut Nishida1966 Version 1.00
BabelStone Tangut Sofronov1968 Version 1.00
BabelStone Tangut WHYJIndex Version 1.002
BabelStone Tangut Components Version 3.00
BabelStone Tangut Radicals Version 1.002
(Unicode mapped)
BabelStone Tangut Wenhai Version 1.002
Tangut Yinchuan Version 9.000 Copyright Prof. Jing Yongshi
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Sani Yi Version 1.000
Symbols BabelStone Flags Version 2.00

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All BabelStone fonts took considerable time and effort to create, and athough they are free for personal or commercial use, you are welcome to make a small voluntary payment via PayPal if you find them useful, and wish to help support the development of further fonts for historical scripts or other unusual fonts. Simply select the amount you wish to pay below.